What Delighted Clients Say

Hear from some delighted clients…


“Living up to her title as an intuitive master numerologist, Gracy kept everyone captivated when she did spot on readings for three lucky participants. Alicia Tan who was one of the lucky three commented, ‘if she’s not 100% spot on, the very least is 99%!’ ”

[Talk] Forecast 2013 with Golden Numbers at Centre for Extension Education – Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, 23 February 2013


“I moved office in December 2014 to Novena Medical Center @ Square 2 Unit #10-13. After a few weeks, I found that a lot of my clients stopped coming to my new clinic and I was concerned with this state of affairs. I consulted Gracy and she came to my clinic and made some recommendations with regard to numerology. To my surprise, the next three days after her visit, I had four new clients and now they keep on coming and I have quite a number of overseas orders for machines and training. Gracy made a 180 degrees turnaround in my business and I would strongly recommend her services.”

Dr Joseph Guan Ph.D.
Clinical Director & Founder
Brain Enhancement Centre
10 Sinaran Drive #10-13
Novena Medical Center @ Square 2
Singapore 307506


“Gracy is really passionate about numerology, and sincere in using it to help people. The reading she did for me was very accurate in describing my personality, and has given me more clarity in how to achieve my goals in the future.”

Alvin Wang, Vice President, Gold Insignia


“Gracy is truly gifted and a very sweet soul. ALL my customers have been blown away by her skills. Even a skeptic admitted he was shocked by the accuracy of her work.”

Ella Sherman, Managing Director, Animal Merchandise Pte Ltd


“Gracy Yap is an amazingly gifted numerologist. The wealth of information that she offered helped me make some important decisions that impacted my life powerfully. I am reaping the rewards financially and my career has flourished.”

Veenaa Saynana, USA Spiritual Activist, Performer and Author of ‘Mary Magdalene Speaks-The Truth Revealed’


“Gracy is a wonderful numerology teacher. The way she taught numerology is so concise and easy to understand. I’ll highly recommend her to anyone who is interested to learn numerology.

David Lau, General Manager, Kruger; Graduate, Practitioner Numerology class.


“The class was highly engaging and the inclusion of the ‘live’ oral exam was really helpful in enabling me to practise what I have learnt during class. Gracy was very patient and generous in her teachings and I truly enjoyed attending her classes.”

PH, Accountant, Graduate, Practitioner Numerology class.


“Gracy is very spot on in her numerology reading. She said several things that were true about me within the first ten minutes of meeting. Her predictions became true. That is why I’m so impressed. She also recommended gems to wear and I can feel the effects of how the gems enhance my luck and my energy. She advised my fiancé to enhance his money luck with a wealth gem. He went out, bought it, and got back his investment that very night at the mahjong table!”

Kaz Lee, Entrepreneur


“My wife and I have been seeking Gracy’s advice for many years. Her readings, advice and help bring tremendous fruitful decisions we made to overcome our challenges. Thanks, Gracy!”

Ho Yeow Hung, Tutor. B.Sc (IT)


“The session I had with Gracy was not only insightful but also enlightening Born into a Hindu family, numbers had always played a part in my life but always from an Eastern outlook The way Grace does her reading it blends the modern and old school of numbers in a soothing manner. If I were to grade her skills based on I to 10 with 1 being the lowest quantum, 9 would be her grade Therefore I would recommend her to both the novice and learned person.”

Ramason Bupendra, Director, Naughty by Nature


“Dear Gracy. . .1 want to thank you for the insightful discovery that numerology has enhanced my understanding in understanding people. You are a wonderful teacher!”

Li Ser, in-house legal counsel


“It is an enlightening experience with Gracy Yap on the interpretation of numbers based on names and birth dates. Her accurate interpretation on the individual subjects studied is an accurate reflection of their social behavior. Numerology is as truthful, logical and easy to learn as natural science.”

Dr. Brian Toh, an avid Astronomer and Chinese Astrologer (Zi Wei Duo Shu).

B.Eng, Ph.D, IMET


“Gracy Yap has opened my understanding of the world and its events with her sincere and truthful teaching of numerology. I have benefitted so much from it as it changed some core beliefs and expanded my consciousness that I can now resonate with the phrase “it makes sense” and am more prepared to take on what life presents.”

Dr Gan Siok Ngoh, Wholistic Dentist; Graduate, Practitioner Numerology class.


“My analysis was a fulfilling one and I am glad that I know her. She was willing to answer all my questions and her sincere warmth, care and concern was there. I bought a lucky gem from her and within 1 week hit my sales target! Gracy, thanks – I really appreciate you.”

Elaine, Product Executive


“Detailed, no bullshit. Logical analysis.”

Seet Ling, Media Executive


“Gracy is a great friend and teacher. She speaks from her heart during her consultation. Her classes are comprehensive and easy to apply.”

Christine Chen, Christine Chen Advisors’ Clique representing Great Eastern Life; Graduate, Basic Numerology class


“I started with an open mind and curiosity to find out answers to “What is numerology” and “How numbers work wonders” when my nephew invited me to attend a talk about numerology delivered by my master Gracy.

During the session, I offered to relate my date of birth for a ‘live’ reading. The information revealed to me from the numbers was startlingly true given the fact that Gracy has never met me before!  I have never realized that a wealth of information given to me was what the numbers could tell.   Although that session was a short one, I had then decided to learn more about numerology. So I enrolled in Gracy’s Basic Numerology and Practitioner classes.

Gracy is very generous to share and impart her knowledge on numerology.   I really appreciate being given the opportunity to learn from her. Numerology is applicable for my business, meeting with associates and customers too.

My business has prospered, I have seen an increase in profit, and I have experienced great improvement in life after my name change to Josefin.”

Josefin Lai, Entrepreneur; Graduate, Practitioner Numerology class


“Gracy was very accurate. Impressive. Believable. Spot-on. Very practical.”

Jacinta Ong, Banker


“I’m very satisfied with the reading. I hope with the change of my mobile phone numbers, my luck will be better.”

Fysh, Flight Attendant


“ Hi Gracy, please relay our compliments to your class this evening.

I attended Gracy’s class on 11 Nov. On 14 Nov, we had a private consultation. Gracy has provided a clear road map for us. We are convinced and eagerly waiting for success. Thank you, Gracy.”

Jeffery and Adeline, Business Owners


“ Gracy provided in-depth information on the Secrets Of Golden Numbers. It is a practicable application which is well presented. She is knowledgeable and exudes professionalism.”

Chua Chin Leong, Group HR Manager


“Gracy was so spot-on, it brought tears to my eyes.”

Estella Lim, Postgraduate Student


“I enjoyed the class. I feel the birthday numbers, life path numbers, decoding names very useful. I can understand people’s personality better through numbers. Thank you.”

Ooi Ai Hwei, Penang


“I enjoyed learning Intensive Numerology Course (Level 1) from Gracy Yap. She’s  a very experienced teacher and very patient to answer questions from the participants.

I highly recommend anyone to join this class. It’s worth it and very useful.

Thank you, Gracy. XOXO.”

Sandra Mattes, Hong Kong


“Great class. Fun and interactive. Also gaining more connection and clarity. Easy to understand and fun to work with numbers. Thanks.”

Mona, Hong Kong



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