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Intuitive Master Numerologist and bestselling author Gracy Yap is renowned in the field as a skillful practitioner of both Pythagorean Numerology and mystic Chaldean Numerology systems.

As the Founder and Master Trainer of Golden Numbers Academy, Gracy Yap develops courses, works with students, and offers educational talks and courses in numerology and metaphysics across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and online worldwide. A teacher with over ten years of diverse experience in numerology, intuitive oracle card and tarot readings, number remedies, colors and other healing modalities, Gracy is recognized for her strong core principles that are built around integrity, accountability and reliability. Teaching is in Gracy’s blood. A veteran trainer, she has delivered lectures and pro bono training sessions in Indonesia, Vietnam, China, West Africa and Singapore since 1998.

Gracy has applied numerology as a self-help tool for herself and clients to find answers, also to create more success, prosperity and loving relationships in life and business. Gracy ‘s first foray into spirituality, astrology and fortune-telling began in her teenage years but it was after one of the lowest points in her life and repeated encounters with psychics who affirmed her gifts of clairvoyance and angelic guides in her 30s that ignited her passion in delving deeper into the ancient science of numbers. For more than a decade, she dedicated herself to this study, learning from various masters in the field, spending hours on R&D tirelessly, consulting with many clients and industry practitioners to build a robust system that she now calls the Secrets of Golden Numbers™.

Over the last 14 years, she has served clients from all walks of life ranging from housewives, students, flight attendants, teachers and trainers to expat professionals, company directors, property agents, forex traders and millionaire business owners who have benefited from her spot-on readings. She is a sought-after speaker on the subject of fate and fortune and has been invited to speak at Rotary clubs, book fairs and investment seminars.

Gracy holds a professional teaching diploma (with Distinction) from the University of Cambridge.  She also obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching. She is a DISC Certified Human Behavior Consultant and a certified 72 Angels Teacher, a certification awarded by Mike Booth, ASIACT Academy, Ancient Philosophies Faculty obtained in Switzerland in 2010. She is also certified as a Book of Life (aka Akashic Records) Specialist and a licensed Doreen Virtue Angel Intuitive (Hay House). Gracy has been featured for her work on numerology and books in The Star, NTV7, The New Straits Times, Shin Min and Singapore Business Gurus.

Prior to her teaching and writing vocation, Gracy had garnered 17 years of managerial experience in the marketing, advertising, public relations and education sectors where she held several middle management to senior management positions in Singapore’s top 10 advertising agency and private educational institute.  This makes her a natural career coach and mentor-counselor.

Believing in “Service Above Self”, Gracy Yap was honored with the “Rotarian Of The Year Challenge Trophy 2010-2011”, an award given for her contribution in volunteer work in a humanitarian organization. It is this same philosophy that she brings to her work and life. She is devoted to teaching her students well so that graduates from the Academy will in turn, go on to touch the lives of more people and inspire them to be their personal best.

When not teaching or consulting, Gracy spends her time reading, attending talks on investment and metaphysics, sourcing for attractive property investment deals, watching Korean dramas and chilling with friends over a good cup of coffee.

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