About Us

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”  ~ Louis Pasteur

At Golden Numbers Academy, we make it our mission to help people from all walks of life transform their lives through awareness and utilize the wisdom of ancient knowledge in Western metaphysics and numerology.  We are committed to helping individuals like you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Since our inception in October 2011, we have helped thousands of students and clients from over 104 countries get rid of their fears, eliminate blocks to abundance and personal power, unleash their inborn gifts and live empowered lives through well designed curriculum and student-centered courses that deliver results.  One at a time.

Once considered occult knowledge that admitted only an elite class such as the Pythagoreans, who were sworn to secrecy and learned through oral tradition from Master Pythagoras (credited as the Father of Modern Numerology), these ancient teachings are now made available to students and seekers alike at the Academy through learning materials that are structured, comprehensive and easy to apply both as a self-help tool or divination tool. Now anyone can be their own oracle and master their destiny.

If you want to make your dreams come true and achieve the success you deserve, you must start by unlocking the secrets behind your birth date and name in order to chart your destiny, identify the windows for lucky breaks as well as pit falls, and open the doors to opportunities. Start your learning and life-transforming journey with us here. Invite more love, peace, happiness, health, abundance and supportive relationships into your life.

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