What is Numerology?

There is a pattern to predicting the future and your life. It is locked in your birth date and name. It is a science that dated back to the civilizations of the Mayans and the Sumerians, yet prevalent today as a practical self-help tool. We are talking about the Science of Numbers, or Numerology.


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Coaching through Numbers

Through an understanding of the roles that numbers play in the multiple facets of your life, you can discover more about yourself and how you can unleash your full potential. By understanding the numbers behind your name as well as the numbers that work for you, like a


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Increasing Your Lucky Number Vibrations

Quantum Physics jolted scientists into realizing that the world we are living in is made up of light and vibration. And with that understanding, many have discovered the Law of Attraction, that is, you attract what you think into your life. The good, the not so good; whatever you have in your life right


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Secrets Of Golden Numbers

What Clients Say

“Gracy is really passionate about numerology, and sincere in using it to help people. The reading she did for me was very accurate in describing my personality, and has given me more clarity in how to achieve my goals in the future.”
Alvin Wang, Vice President, Gold Insignia

“Gracy is truly gifted and a very sweet soul. ALL my customers have been blown away by her skills. Even a skeptic admitted he was shocked by the accuracy of her work.”
Ella Sherman, Managing Director, Animal Merchandise Pte Ltd

“Detailed, no bullshit. Logical analysis.”

Seet Ling, Media Executive

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